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Glass partition Dubai

Glass Partition Walls For Office in Dubai Glass Partition Dubai is now no Hassle. Zealcon office wall system in Dubai combines simplicity with flexibility making moving the wall configuration an easy task. The minimally seamed glass front solution offers elegant frameless glass sliding doors as well as framed aluminum or wood doors in Dubai. Zealcon [...]
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Glass Rooms Dubai

Our Glassrooms are fitted with frameless glazed glass panels, providing an unobstructed view as standard. Since the panels do not require supporting profiles, the remaining finish is modern and sleek, offering uninterrupted and panoramic views of your surroundings.

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Decorative Glass Dubai

Zealcon introduces latest printing technology on glass using ceramic inks. so far ceramic ink was used with screen printing machines giving very limited design and colour options to the interior designers. Digital printing solutions combine the best of two worlds: digital printing versatility and ceramic ink durability.

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Insulated glass units Dubai

Insulating glass is two or more plies of glass enclosing a hermetically sealed air space. Inherently, insulating glass increases a window’s thermal performance by reducing the heat gain or loss. At Zealcon, insulating glass units are double sealed with a primary seal of polyisobutylene and a secondary seal of silicone.

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